Microwave Journal Artikel über Aaronia

Das „Microwave Journal“ hat einen Artikel über die „Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017“ und Aaronia veröffentlicht. Der Beitrag kann hier gelesen werden (in Englisch): http://www.microwavejournal.com/blogs/12-richard-mumford-mwj-international-editor/post/28333-security-counter-terror-expo-2017-the-future-is-secure

Aaronia Booth Walkthrough

Take a look at our typical exhibition booth, including the: ✚ Aaronia Drone Detection System ✚ Aaronia Ultra Wide Band Recorder We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our future events! ✚ Productronica[…]

Wide Band MULTI Receiver Drone Detection System

Aaronia presents Worlds First Wide Band MULTI Receiver Drone Detection System! The multi receiver UAV DDS offers the same super fast detection time as our single receiver system (up to 100mS) since it gets rid of[…]